Classic Cheeseburger @ Hungry Bear Restaurant

Price: $10.99

When: November 15, 2017, 12:50 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

We’ve been doing a string of burgers lately, from Galactic Grill to Carnation Cafe to White Water Snacks. Quality has been … uneven. Some Disney restaurants have solid burgers. Others … not so much.

Time to try the entry from Hungry Bear Restaurant.

The Hungry Bear has two burger options: the “Classic” or the “Chili”. Given that I’m trying to establish general burger quality, I’m sticking with the classic. Trying the Chili seems like cheating — all that extra flavor could mask poor ingredients.

I order, and get a choice of fries or “zesty slaw.” I’ve had the Hungry Bear fries on previous trips. Let’s give the slaw a shot.

I get my burger, find a table, and survey the situation.

The burger looks a little … forlorn. Sad. It’s simple, which is good, but it’s almost too simple. Yeah, there’s the bun, patty, cheese, slice of tomato, piece of lettuce, slather of Thousand Island. But the way it’s put together feels … careless. (If this burger were a person, it would have terrible posture.)

The slaw comes in a small black plastic container, sitting on the side.

I pick up the burger, and take a bite.

The initial impression is good. It’s reasonably beefy and moist. I chew, start to smile, and go in for more. And that’s when the trouble starts. That first note of that first bite is the only note this burger’s got. There’s no variety. No surprise on the tongue. No crazy rally from the tomato, or an unexpected burst of something from the slather of Thousand. It’s just a beefy/moist flavor, all the way through.

I switch to the slaw. This is peppers and pickled veg in a semi-sweet vinaigrette. It’s fine. Not special, but a worthy side dish, especially if you’re not keen on fries.

Ultimately, the Classic Burger didn’t do the trick. It’s a garden-variety theme park burger, and pretty underwhelming.

Not recommended.