Strawberry Street Car Sundae @ Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor

Price: $6.49

When: November 15, 2017, 2:25 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

We spend a lot of time eating “real food” here at Disneyland Eats – burgers, flatbreads, salads, whatever crazy thing they’re serving at Edelweiss Snacks. But for many, “theme park food” is really about sugary decadence – the churro, the ice cream cone, the hot fudge sundae.

Time for us to eat something sweet.

I swing in to Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor. On a previous trip, we got the Firehouse Dalmatian Mint Sundae. It’s seriously good stuff.

Let’s see if the hot streak continues. I order a “Strawberry Street Car Sundae.”

This is a large quantity of vanilla ice cream, served in a waffle-cone bowl, drenched in strawberry sauce, topped with whipped cream and a cherry. It looks very enticing. I eagerly dig in.

This isn’t great.

“Wait,” you might ask. “How the heck do you screw up an ice cream sundae? In a theme park?”

An excellent question. And here’s how: by making it too mild.

Vanilla ice cream is good and fine … but this isn’t strong vanilla. The strawberry sauce is incredibly light in flavor. (It almost hides behind the vanilla.) The whipped cream is … whipped cream. Creamy, but almost air. And the cherry, thank God, is doing solid work, but it’s only good for one bite.

In short: you’re getting a cherry, surrounded by cold, but boring, sweetness.

This needs more. A stronger strawberry. A better vanilla. A surprise in the whipped cream. Something. (Anything!)

Today, however … it’s disappointing. Get the Firehouse Dalmatian instead.

Not recommended.