Steel-Cut Oatmeal @ Carnation Cafe

Price: $9.00

When: December 12, 2017, 8:55 AM

Reservations: Recommended

Verdict? Recommended

Sharon, Bryce and I are in the parks early, and craving some breakfast. It’s been a productive morning: we’ve done a few rides (including “it’s a small world”) and now need some nutrition and strong coffee to get that song out of our heads.

We briefly consider getting grab-and-go breakfast sandwiches, but instead decide on something more upscale: Carnation Cafe.

We arrive and get seated. I’m scanning the menu, trying to find a good, solid breakfast option.

I spy the “Steel-cut Oatmeal.” My stomach rumbles. So I order it for the table.

The dish arrives fairly quickly. We get a shallow bowl with the oatmeal (topped with sliced strawberries), as well as sides of milk, brown sugar, and dried cranberries for customization.

Everyone gets to work.

This is good, solid oatmeal. The texture is smooth and creamy, without being too silky or bland. The strawberries are nice (if a little underpowered). But the dish shines when you sprinkle a little sugar, drop a few cranberries, and use the milk. At that point, its game steps up dramatically. It’s goes from “fine” to “great”: satisfying, filling, and just what we wanted.

This will hit the spot — either for one, or for the group.