Cheese Pizza @ Daisy’s Diner

Price: $7.99

When: December 12, 2017, 11:15 AM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

I’m back in Toontown, making a beeline for Daisy’s Diner. I’m a man on a mission.

I’m here for the Cheese Pizza.

My last visit to Daisy’s was in the spring. I tried (and was underwhelmed by) their Pepperoni Pizza. Far too heavy on the dough and far too light on everything else. It’s Not Recommended.

Today’s the rematch. Will plain cheese be better? (Is less actually more?)

I order, pay, am handed a pizza box that looks incredibly familiar, find a table, and pop open the box lid. Inside sits the prize.

Presentation-wise, this is a reload of the Pepperoni Pizza. Personal size, four slices. Lots of crust, a bit of red tomato sauce, a bit of cheese. It looks pretty greasy.

I grab a slice, and get to work.

Initial reaction? Not bad. I started at the pointy end of the slice. There’s a good amount of red sauce and cheese.

Bite #2 is where the problem comes in. Each slice is 3 – 5 bites; there’s cheese and tomato on, maybe, two of them, tops. I take my second bite, find it to be much, much less flavorful than its predecessor, and now seem to be holding a large chunk of doughy crust.

The second slice is the same story: a good initial hit of tomato, cheese, and crust on Bite #1 followed by a slog through the rest of the slice as it turns into dough.

Somewhere, I hear a sad trombone.

This isn’t horrible pizza, but it’s not certainly not good (let alone great). It’s four decent bites of flavor, surrounded by a moat of boring pizza crust. I’d love to say that kids would like it, but I just can’t see that being true.

Not recommended.