Campfire Chili @ Smokejumpers Grill

Price: $6.49

When: December 12, 2017, 12:15 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Recommended

We’re at Smokejumpers Grill to try their rebooted menu. I’ve just eaten the Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, only to find it horribly disappointing.

I don’t quit easily, however. I want to give the Campfire Chili a try.

This is technically a side dish (or “extra supplies” in Smokejumpers parlance). The menu says it’s a “bison-black bean chili with cornbred muffin and cilantro cream.”

They hand me the dish. My first reaction? That’s definitely a side. It’s small. Otherwise, it’s just as described: a cup of chili, a dollop of cream, and a small cornbread muffin. The chili looks tantalizingly dark, with beans and chunks of goodness floating everywhere.

Back at the table, spoons are broken out. In we go.

This is really, really good stuff.

The chili has a lot going for it: ground beef, good beans, small chunks of happiness here and there. It’s nice and spicy. The cilantro cream is an outstanding flavor complement; getting a dab on each spoonful takes things to a new level. And, finally, the muffin is good.

There’s not a lot of size to this dish, but does have quality.

The Campfire Chili exceeded my expectations. It may be some of the best chili in the park.