BBQ Turkey Leg @ Troubadour Tavern

Price: $11.49

When: February 3, 2018, 2:45 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

The Troubadour Tavern has a new item on their menu: a turkey leg. And not just any turkey leg, mind. This is a barbecue turkey leg.

We’re curious.

Our last turkey leg experience was unabashedly positive. The legs are popular in the parks for a reason. Good flavor, unique, a little challenging to eat, but – hey! You’re in a theme park! Go crazy!

We step to the counter and order. They get our name, and wave us to the end of the counter to wait for our food. (They’ll call us when it’s ready.)

A few minutes later, we collect our prize. It’s a hefty leg o’ turkey, slathered in chunky, dark, reddish sauce and parked in the middle of a paper basket. Unlike the turkey leg at Don Tomas (which is intended to be carried by hand), this feels like they’re classing the dish up a bit. It feels less “caveman on vacation” and more “I’ve recently gone paelo.”

Problem is, there’s still no obvious, dignified way to eat this. After some high-level discussions, Elaine grabs some plastic cutlery and a large wad of napkins.

We dig in.

This is, sadly, not that good.

The traditional turkey legs are smoky and nuanced – reminiscent of a nice, cured ham. This is also smoky and nuanced, but it’s slathered in crummy barbecue sauce, which intrudes on every bite.

Seriously: the sauce is a minus. Some BBQ sauces are tangy or vinegary or distinctive in some way. This isn’t that. It’s a tad sweet, like a ketchup, but it mostly serves to muddle the flavor of the turkey leg every which way it can. We eventually scraped the barbecue sauce off as best we could, and tried to enjoy the turkey leg au natural.

This would be better, we think, if the sauce was on the side. A traditional leg, served with sides? Could be interesting. And maybe different sauces? Buffalo sauce? Sweet-hot mustard? Hm.

This, however, is a perfectly fine turkey leg, hobbled by a very underwhelming sauce. Skip it, and stay with the original.