Seafood Gratin @ Cafe Orleans

Price: $12.00

When: February 3, 2018, 6:45 PM

Reservations: Recommended

Verdict? Not recommended

We’ve secured reservations at Cafe Orleans for dinner. It’s been a busy day in the parks, and both of us are looking forward to kicking back, relaxing, and doing some first-class people watching from Orleans’ outdoor patio.

Orleans offers four different starters – a salad, a soup, pommes frites and seafood gratin.

I look at Elaine. She looks back at me. And smiles.

We order the Seafood Gratin.

The dish arrives. I don’t quite know what I was expecting, but … this isn’t it. The menu describes a “creamy blend of lump crab, shrimp, spinach, and creamy tarragon dressing, served with seasoned croutons.”

What we got is a tiny serving of seafood chunks, sitting in a creamy sauce and served with a few slices of crusty bread.

No matter. Let’s see what it tastes like.

I apply some gratin to the bread, and take a bite.


Let’s start with the gratin. It feels reheated. Not fresh. It certainly tastes seafood-ish, but it’s not a strong flavor. The crab and shrimp are mostly chewy texture. And while the sauce is fine, it’s incredibly mild.

The bread is decent. Crisp, lightly buttered. But there’s only enough for a couple of bites. So you put your seafood on the bread, take two bites, and … you’re done.

Elaine liked this more than I did, but neither of us recommend it. It’s strange, small, and underwhelming.

Not recommended.