Breakfast Platter @ Tangaroa Terrace

Price: $8.00

When: March 14, 2018, 10:15 AM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

We’ve yet to try breakfast at Tangaroa Terrace. Given that the Terrace is the official casual eatery of the Disneyland Hotel, that seems like a miss. Over the years, plenty of Guests have popped down for a Tangaroa breakfast before hitting the parks. I’m curious to know what’s good.

First up: the Breakfast Platter.

As breakfasts go, this is straightforward: Egg. Bacon. Potatoes. A small side of fresh-cut fruit. It’s Tangaroa’s version of the “All-American Breakfast” at Carnation Cafe.

I get some salt, pepper, and a couple ketchup packets, grab a plastic fork, and dig in.

This tastes … cheap.

The quality of everything is low. The potatoes are soft and somewhat soggy. (I suspect they were reheated, not cooked.) The bacon is thin and watery. The eggs are OK, but will require a ton of salt and pepper to flavor them up. And the fruit is melon (mostly). And straight from a refrigerator.

Carnation’s All-American Breakfast is $12. This is $8. The extra $4 gets you something that’s far, far better, more delightful, and more satisfying.

Don’t eat this. Make a reservation at Carnation, spend the extra cash, and start your day right.

Not recommended.