Obviously Nachos @ Studio Catering Company

Price: $7.49

When: March 14, 2018, 12:05 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

We’re standing in front of the little red truck of California Adventure’s Studio Catering Company. And we’re wrestling with a surprisingly hard problem.

Specifically: should we order the nachos?

Nachos are a hit-or-miss affair at the parks. On the “hit” side, you have the Chicken Nachos at White Water Snacks. On the “miss” side, you have the Cove Bar’s Lobster Nachos, as well as the Surfside Nachos at Surfside Lounge.

Studio Catering’s nachos are called “Obviously Nachos” (because: Guardians of the Galaxy + lazy naming), and they’re advertised as “LOADED CHICKEN NACHOS.” The ingredients list seems promising. The photo seems appealing.

These could be the nachos to tie up the hit/miss scorecard.

Yeah, let’s give it a shot.

The dish arrives in an unassuming white paper basket. It has blue corn tortilla chips. It’s decorated with chunks of chicken, green onion, cheese sauce and a “chipotle crema.” To be honest, it’s a pretty good-looking item

Fingers in the basket, chips on fingers, chips in mouth. Crunch.


The chips themselves are fine. They’re 100% out of a bag, but fine. Not stale. But the chicken, the cheese sauce and the green onion are all super boring. There’s no dominant flavor. Nothing comes together. There’s no binder, no connection between the ingredients. They’re just … there.

Basically, it’s a standard chip with boring stadium cheese sauce, and a chunk of under-seasoned chicken. (Insert yawn here.)

The parks are 1-and-3 for nachos at this point. I hope the ratio gets better soon.

Not recommended.