Classic Gin & Tonic @ Carthay Circle Lounge

Price: $13.25

When: March 14, 2018, 12:35 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Recommended

Regular readers know that we’re huge, huge fans of the Carthay Circle Lounge.

It’s an oasis in the parks, and it boasts one of the – if not the – best cocktail bars at the Resort. Their bartenders know their stuff. I love their Manhattan, and have had great luck with many of their other offerings. Coming here is always a treat.

Given their traditional, old-school vibe, it’s not surprising to see that the Lounge offers a few different takes on a Gin & Tonic. There’s the Classic, the Dill, and the Botanical.

We start with the Classic.

This arrives as a traditional preparation: a tumbler full of gin and ice, two lime wedges, and a side decanter of the tonic, so you can mix to taste.

This is … perfect. Class in a glass. Simple as it gets, but it’s refreshing to see something so basic done elegantly and well. The gin and the tonic are both excellent; the limes are fresh, the ice is keeping everything cold. A little mixing, a little sipping, a little more mixing, and then … time to relax into your chair.

Nothing will put a little pep in your step like a half-hour in the Carthay and a solid cocktail. Trust me.