Short Stack @ Steakhouse 55

Price: $7.00

When: March 27, 2018, 10:45 AM

Reservations: Recommended

Verdict? Recommended

Bryce and Sharon are in town for a park visit. They’ve both pointed out that we haven’t eaten breakfast at Steakhouse 55 for the project. (“A serious gap,” says Bryce.)

I check the archives.

They’re right.

We make a reservation.

Steakhouse 55 has an impressive number of breakfast options, but my eye zooms straight to the “A La Carte” section, and I find what I’m looking for: the Short Stack.

What’s breakfast without pancakes, right?

The dish arrives as three light, round fluffy pancakes. Butter and syrup are on the side.

I apply some butter, drizzle some syrup, and cut off a small triangle of carbohydrates.

This is excellent.

Seriously: just … yeah. I mean: pancakes, right? Not fancy. Not special. But well-executed in that way that says “home-cooked breakfast.” You can taste the love. The flavor takes me back to happy Sunday mornings as a kid, sitting around with the comics and a small stack of buttermilk flapjacks, fresh from the pan.

These are terrific. I’m very happy. You will be, too.