Cool Lime Refresher @ Steakhouse 55

Price: $5.00

When: March 27, 2018, 10:45 AM

Reservations: Recommended

Verdict? Not recommended

We’re waiting for breakfast at Steakhouse 55. Bryce has discovered the adult beverages, and has placed order. I’m more intrigued by Disney’s signature, non-alcoholic specialty beverages. Most Disney restaurants have one or two (e.g., the Cove Bar’s “Coconut Elixir). I’ve had good luck with them in the past.

Hey, it’s $5. It’s for science. Why not?

I go with the “Cool Lime Refresher.”

The drink arrives quickly, and I smile. The kitchen had some fun with the presentation: the glass sports Mickey ears, courtesy of cucumber and lime slices. Brilliant.

I get the straw, and take the first sip.

Initial impression: this is really sweet.

It’s not bad. Just … sweet. There’s a slight hint of cucumber, a bit of mint. But the dominant message is “sugar!,” and it’s delivered very clearly.

I keep going. The flavor flattens out. The beverage becomes over-sugared water. Which isn’t refreshing (or, frankly, that interesting). Finishing becomes a chore.

Sharon thought it needed more citrus. “Maybe more lime?” she suggested. I agree. This needs something … more. On its own, it’s not distinctive.

I’d hoped for something refreshing and light. This wasn’t it.

Not recommended.