Crispy Chicken Mixed Green Salad @ The Golden Horseshoe

Price: $9.99

When: March 27, 2018, 2:20 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

I’m at the Golden Horseshoe, just had the Fish & Chips, and am deeply bummed about the experience. I need a second dish before I leave. Something to restore the honor of the Horseshoe.

I go with the Crispy Chicken Mixed Green Salad.

I have misgivings. Salad in the parks is a 50/50 affair. Many of them are terrible. But from time to time, you get a good one. And I’m hoping that the “crispy chicken” part of this salad will overcome any mediocrity that the “mixed green” part might bring.

I order. They give me a choice of dressings. I go with Ranch.

The salad is handed over. It’s a standard mixed green salad, sitting in a black plastic bowl. I see tomato, cucumber, some garbanzo beans. There are five deep-fried chicken nuggets atop the bed of greens.

Back at the table, I break out the fork, drizzle some dressing, and get to work.

I start with a chicken breast nugget. It’s excellent. These are the same nuggets sold by the Stage Door Cafe for their Chicken Breast Nuggets. Each nugget is warm, salty, perfectly breaded and moist on the inside. Thumbs up.

I turn my attention to the salad proper, and that’s when things fall apart. The greens and vegetables are straight out of the refrigerator, with a slighly-cold, slightly-mushy texture. (This is both unappetizing and a tad skeezy.) I sample a few bites, then put the fork aside. Done.

This is really two dishes: a sad salad, and Chicken Breast Nuggets. It’s not a good combination. Save yourself some aggravation and just order the nuggets directly.

Not recommended.