Street Tacos Plate @ Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill

Price: $12.49

When: May 19, 2018, 3:25 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Recommended

It’s time for the “Street Tacos Plate” at Cocina Cucamonga.

This is a new menu item, and I’m intrigued. We’ve recently tried (and really liked) “The Most Dangerous Tacos In The Galaxy” over at Studio Catering Company. “Street Tacos” feel like a thing Disney is trying to get right.

Let’s hope the trend continues today.

I step to the counter and order. The Friendly Cast Member asks whether I want beef, chicken, pork or veggie tacos. I ask which she prefers. “Chicken is popular,” she says, “But I like the beef.”

Beef it is.

The dish’s presentation is straightforward: round plate, black beans, rice, three small tacos, salsa and lime on the side.

I start with the sides. The rice is pretty good; light, fluffy, and with a bit of cilantro. It’s Better than expected. The beans also exceed expectations; they’re a legit side in their own right: good quality, flavorful, tasty. I savor a few bites, and then go for the main.

The tacos come as hand-sized corn tortillas, sprinkled with marinated beef, raw onion, and a touch of cilantro. They look simple, but they’re well-done: ingredients and textures fit together nicely. I find myself finishing the first taco, and reaching for the second. This time, I add salsa and a spritz of lime. And it’s even more delicious.

This is a simple, unpretentious, and delightful dish. Straightforward presentation, solid ingredients, great flavor, well-balanced. If you’re up for tacos, this will do the job.