Sazerac @ Napa Rose Lounge

Price: $13.50

When: May 19, 2018, 5 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Recommended

Napa Rose Lounge has become one of my favorite watering holes at the Disneyland Resort. It’s kind of perfect: slightly out of the way (in the Grand Californian), lots of soft seating, great service, and bartenders that know what they’re doing. While most of the clientele is waiting for their table at Napa Rose, a few of us show up just for the cocktails and appetizers.

Today, it’s time for a Sazerac.

Look: it’s a classic cocktail. Bourbon drink. Some consider it a cousin to the Old Fashioned. It’s basic stuff: bourbon (or rye), cognac, bitters, a bit of citrus peel. Like most bourbon drinks, this is the sort of thing that’s made (or broken) by the bartender. Too much of any ingredient will make the cocktail sharp and medicinal; the right balance results in a delightful sipping experience.

The drink arrives. It looks and smells perfect. Tumbler glass, no ice, a bit of lemon peel. Wonderful.

I take a sip.

They nailed it.

This is a cascade of subtle flavors. Delicious, refreshing. Perfectly mixed, perfectly chilled, and perfectly drinkable.

I relax into my overstuffed chair, swirl the liquid in the glass, and smile.

Have I mentioned that I love Napa Rose Lounge?