Fish Crudo @ Storytellers Cafe

Price: $18.00

When: May 19, 2018, 5:45 PM

Reservations: Recommended

Verdict? Not recommended

It’s dinnertime, and we’ve decided to leave the parks for a proper, sit-down, table service meal. After some light debate, we land at Storytellers Cafe at the Grand Californian.

Storytellers has a nice set of appetizers and starters on their menu. We puzzle over the list, and finally ask our server what she recommends. We’re specifically intrigued by the Fish Crudo – it sounds light. (There’s been a lot of deep-fried everything today.)

The server smiles. “I don’t do raw fish,” she says. “But people who do like raw fish seem to like it.”

Heads swivel, nods appear. Seems fine. We’ll try it.

The dish arrives just moments later. It’s quite attractive: a good bit of thinly-sliced fish, covered in sliced radish, chopped chile peppers, and the occasional green leaf. Avocado puree’s been dabbed here and there. I spy a lemon-olive-oil base.

Forks come out..

This is … bland.

While the ingredients are reasonably fresh, they’re also fairly weak. Nothing really pops. The fish is pretty boring, and needs oomph. I add salt (this helps, but not enough). I try combining the fish with the veg, then the sauces. None of these combinations satisfy. The avocado puree is basically guacamole; the radish and chiles are fine, but not helping much. Even the oil base is lackluster: it adds a bit of texture, but virtually no flavor.

In the end, this is a meh. It’s a good idea for a starter, but it needs something to boost it, and tie everything together. As constituted, it’s just ingredients, not a whole.

Not recommended.