Pulled Pork Dog @ Award Wieners

Price: $9.79

When: June 24, 2018, 4:50 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

It’s “Pixar Fest” in the parks, and Award Wieners has some new items as part of the celebration.

For example: the Pulled Pork Dog.

Bryce loves the look of this, and orders two of them. The rest of us find a table. He arrives a few minutes later with the dogs on a big red plastic tray.

The curb appeal here is … mixed. The dish is a single dog on a brioche bun, augmented with pulled pork, teriyaki sauce, and a smattering of veg. The usual Award Wieners “filmstrip fries” are along for the ride. Optically, this is OK, but not exciting.

We go for the first bite.

Up top: this feels like a sandwich. The bun is incredibly bready. I spent several moments just figuring out how to get it in my mouth.

I crack that problem, bite in, and am overwhelmed by brioche. There’s dog and pulled pork in there, but hoo boy is there a lot of bread to chew through.

On ingredients: the dog is fine. Nothing remarkable. The pulled pork is instantly forgettable. The teriyaki sauce and veg bits are just sweet, rather than adding anything in the flavor department. (As an aside: the veg includes pineapple, which is a serious mistake. They just. don’t. belong. here.)

The whole table is mixed-to-negative on this. “It’s less lively than some of their other dogs, for sure,” says Sharon. Elaine stopped eating after just a couple bites.

This is a confused dish. Too much bread, odd ingredients, too sweet, boring. It’s something you get through, rather than look forward to. A shame.

Not recommended.