Terrace Wedge @ River Belle Terrace

Price: $19.00

When: November 23, 2019, 11:35 AM

Reservations: Recommended

Verdict? Not recommended

After a Disneyland dry spell, we’re back in the parks. Disney has made all kinds of changes in the past year, and we’re enjoying the upgrades.

We also want to see what’s new in the food scene.

Hello, River Belle Terrace.

We’ve had pretty good luck at River Belle. It’s a nice, sit-down place for lunch, with friendly service and some unique menu items.

For instance: the Terrace Wedge salad.

Our Friendly Cast Member lets us know we can get it with chicken, brisket, tofu or shrimp. I ask him for his opinion, and he says, “go with the chicken.” Fine. Done. Thank you.

The dish arrives in three discrete sections. First, there’s a seasoned chicken breast, sliced, and served cold. Second, there’s a wedge of iceberg lettuce, dripping with crumbled gorgonzola cheese, sliced tomato and pickled onion. And third, there’s a small bit of dressing on the side.

Some assembly required, it seems.

No worries. I grab my knife and fork, and start mixing things up.

The first bite is … just OK. The lettuce is good quality. The cheese crumbles are tasty. But the chicken is incredibly weak . Texture, flavor, spice level … heck, even the temperature underwhelms (it’s cold, and feels a little rubbery).

Things don’t get better as I go. The dressing is good, but there’s not much of it. The lettuce provides the moisture, but it’s not really up to the job. The pickled onions are fine, standalone, but don’t really groove with the rest of the dish. And the tomatoes are kinda sad.

Things got (a little) better when we picked the onions out and put them to the side. (And then asked for an extra side of dressing, to boost the flavor.)

This is a strange, confused salad. And it isn’t something I’d want to order again, let alone suggest to other people.

Not recommended.