Grilled Chicken Salad @ Lamplight Lounge

Price: $21.00

When: November 23, 2019, 5:45 PM

Reservations: Recommended

Verdict? Not recommended

It’s dinnertime, and we’ve found ourselves in California Adventure. We’re tired. Hungry. And looking for places to eat.

By some miracle, the always-packed Lamplight Lounge has a free table.

We’ll take it.

Our last visit to the Lamplight Lounge wasn’t positive. We came during opening weekend, tried a bunch of different dishes, and walked away distinctly unimpressed. The dish concepts and execution were a big step back from the Lamplight’s predecessor, the Cove Bar.

But, like I say, we’re tired. Hungry. Therefore: willing to try it again.

I spot the Grilled Chicken Salad. Seems like a safe bet. So I ask the Friendly Cast Member about it.

“That comes deconstructed,” he says.

I blink at him. “Can I reconstruct it?”

He nods.

Great. Let’s give it a shot.

The dish arrives. It’s broken into four distinct zones. 1. Romaine lettuce, drizzled with Goddess dressing. 2. Beets, feta, and onion. 3. Chicken, sitting on a bed of tapenade. And 4. A smear of roasted red pepper hummus.

Let’s start with the good news. The beets, feta and onion are all quite fresh and excellent. The chicken is perfectly cooked – skin-on, pre-sliced. And the tapenade adds a nice pop of flavor.

Now: the bad news: the romaine is weak, the dressing muddled. And the hummus is just … strange. It doesn’t belong here. Like it was supposed to be with another dish, and accidentally caught a ride out of the kitchen.

I don’t know why this dish is served this way. Get rid of the greens. Scrape the hummus. Serve the chicken, tapenade, and veg, solo. Call it “grilled chicken with vegetables” or something. But a “deconstructed” salad? It’s just not doing the job.

Not recommended.