About Disneyland Eats

Disneyland Eats is an experiment: can we rate and review every unique dish at the Disneyland Resort?

Disneyland offers an amazing range of food options, from the expected (cheeseburgers) to the delightful (smothered potato chips). There are serious gems to be found. (And plenty of terrible dishes, too.)

We’re trying everything.

Our goal is to help you find something awesome to eat in the parks. And if we can’t do that, then hopefully we can keep you away from things that are not-awesome.

The rules are simple. If it’s an original dish served by a Disney establishment, we’ll try it. Stuff you can get elsewhere (Minute Maid OJ, Lay’s potato chips) isn’t on the list. Neither is anything from Downtown Disney chains like Rainforest Cafe or Earl of Sandwich.

About us: we’re just regular people. We have Annual Passes. We don’t work for (and are not affiliated with) Disney, and we’re spending our own money on this. We moved to LA in mid-2015, and this felt like something new and fun to do. (Also: great cocktail-party icebreaker.) So here we are.

If you want to reach us, we’re on Instagram (disneylandeats_com) and Twitter (@disneylandeats). We also have a handy contact form here on the site, if that’s more your speed.

Bon appetit!